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About CAT

CAT has been designing and manufacturing high-quality products for more than 35 years and were responsible for many design firsts in the accessory manufacturing industry such as trims that can be curved on site, chrome-plated brass profiles and antique finishes.

Timeline about the Carpet Accessory Trims history from 1986 through to today.

Founded in April 1986, CAT’s journey began with modest roots – a home extension and borrowed space from industry friends. Initially, the entire product range consists of three UPVC sections and one brass section for ceramic flooring. Our focus shifted towards brass profiles, pioneering solid extrusions previously absent in the industry. Operating out of a 1000sq foot warehouse in Watford, equipment improvisation and subcontracting were the norm.

By 1989, increased demand prompted a move to a 3500sq foot space in Tring, Hertfordshire, though a challenging first-floor setup. Amid growth, we introduced an automatic polishing machine for improved quality. The years were marked by expansion, and by 1994, a 6000sq foot unit in Luton, Bedfordshire was secured. Innovations included stainless steel sections, followed by bespoke metal forming capabilities. 1999 saw the integration of press work, expansion to adjacent units, and daring ventures into new brass finishes, setting us apart in the market.

By 2004, we took control of plastic profile production with a new extruder, catering to various sectors. Despite the 2007 recession, we persisted, acquiring a Cornwall factory for R&D and production. Over the years, we diversified our offerings, expanded production spaces, and celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2016, having evolved into a leading supplier with global reach.

In 2021, the COBA Group acquired us, solidifying our presence as a key player in flooring accessories within the construction sector.

Bespoke Specialists

From the beginning, we have prided ourselves on working with our clients to ensure they are getting the best quality products and the best fit for what they need. Which means we create bespoke solutions, from bespoke stair nosing design to bespoke expansion column collars.

CAT (Carpet Accessory Trims) Product Installation Map


CAT Products are manufactured in the U.K. and supplied to projects and installations around the world. Contractors, Floor Fitters, Architects and Specifiers from all corners of the globe contact CAT for advice on profiles and samples.