Sustainability Policy

CAT Ltd. manufacture high quality, competitively priced flooring finishing trims,
stair nosings and wall corner protectors in Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and PVC

The metals CAT produce all have a high content of recycled material, typically 90-100% of brass
profiles, 30% of aluminium extrusions and 60% of stainless steel.

At the end of their working life, these products are 100% recyclable, and the aluminium, brass and
steel material can be re-used an infinite number of times. There is usually a monetary value for the

Our commitment to quality ensures that, where CAT trims are used as recommended, they will
last longer than inferior products, meaning they require replacement less often. This can lead to
reduced project lifetime costs and lessen the impact on the environment.

CAT comply will all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

Whilst BREEAM and LEED classification does not currently include floor finishing trims, we are
determined to engage in the spirit of these schemes and work towards minimising our
environmental footprint.

All metal off-cuts and waste are sent for recycling.

All paper and cardboard waste is collected for recycling by an approved and licensed

Manufacturing waste from PVC products in our factory is processed and reused in the making of
new products.

Wooden crates, in which our raw material is supplied, are broken down and re-used in our packing
system wherever possible. Surplus material and pallets are given to local collectors for
re-purposing or recycling.

All the timber used is FSC certified.

Wherever possible we are reducing the use of plastic packaging materials, however, we will only
do this where there is no detriment to ensuring our products are delivered to the quality standard
we expect.

Alternatives are actively being sought.